Friday, 8 February 2013

New Blog

Wow!  What a great year we had in B4 in 2012!  The B4 Bright Sparks have all moved on to Year 3 in 2013, but if you would like to continue to follow the learning journey in B4 with a new class of amazing Year 2 children, please visit our new blog at:  This blog page will no longer be updated, but will remain online so you can still read about our 2012 learning.

If you would like to read other Eastern Hutt School blogs, please visit our blog page on our website here:

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

B4's Massage Circle

We read the book At the End of the Day. It is about a class who does a massage circle at the end of every day.  We copied the book and had our own massage circle. 

First we sit in a big circle and we draw shapes on each others' backs.  We make sun shapes and cloud shapes and thunder and lightning.

Then we lean forward and hug each other 5 times.

Then we all lean back carefully on the person behind us.

At the end we thank each other and have a big stretch.

We think this is a great way to end our day.  If you would like to do a Massage Circle too, here are our picture instructions we made.  We hope you have fun!  Leave a comment if you try this out in your class too.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Spring blossoms and butterflies

We have been talking lots about the change of season in B4.  We have noticed that the weather is warmer and it is lighter in the evenings.  There have been some mother ducks and their ducklings waddling around the school fields.   Lots of daffodils were blooming in the school gardens just before the holidays.  In the school holidays some of us travelled out of Lower Hutt and saw cute baby lambs in the paddocks.  We have also heard lots of noisy Tui and other birds singing beautiful songs in the mornings.   They must love the sun too!

Just after the holidays our blend of the week was spr.  We celebrated spring by writing some beautiful "Spring is" poems and making spring blossoms pictures using fingerprints and white and pink paint. Here are some of our wonderful artworks and poems.  We tried to use interesting words that would paint a picture in the mind of our reader.  Can you see in your mind what we are describing?

We also made some pretty spring butterflies out of kitchen towels, colourful dye and sparkly pipecleaners.  They look beautiful swaying in the breeze next to our windows. 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Folk Dancing

This term we have been learning some different Folk Dances from around the world.  We have worked hard to learn the steps, listen to the music and dance in time to the music.  Sometimes we danced with a partner and sometimes with a group.  Today the Year 2 classes put on a wonderful performance for our friends and family.  Here is a video of some of our dances. 

Did that make you want to get up and dance to the music?  Maybe someone from B4 can teach you the steps so you can do them too!

Friday, 26 October 2012


Are you scared of monsters?  Well, don't come into B4!  We have been writing about our own made up monsters and some of them are pretty scary.   We tried to make our descriptions sound interesting by using a question or a super sentence at the beginning of our writing.  We have also been learning to use different sentence starters by changing around some of our sentences.  Instead of writing "She has 10 red shiny eyes on her enormous head", we could say "On her enormous head she has 10 red shiny eyes."

Here are some of our descriptions and artwork.  Come into B4 and read some more.  Don't worry, not all of the monsters are scary - lots of them are are friendly too and some even tell jokes!